My First Post, a new game blog.

Hi everyone, in my years of studying and learning game design; I have had one goal in my life and as Arnold Schwarzenegger said in his 6 steps of success, After everything is said and done and you’ve lived your life that the most important part of success is to give back to the community. This is a huge goal of mine, to be able to teacher the younger generation what it is after years and hard work what I have learned on mine own. I would love to be able to at least teach and touch someones life, and be a leader for them. So this game blog is going to have 3 main points to it, the first is to inform everyone of the breaking news of game design; from game releases to updates to insider news. The second will be to attempt to teach new tips and tricks that I have learned from my many years of study and development. Lastly I want everything I do to be fun and for everyone to enjoy themselves.

Over the course of this blog I will teach many things I have learned from tips and tricks for both beginner and advanced users in everything from: Game Development, Graphic Design, Programming, and Art/ Animation. I hope to be very understanding and to help everyone to the best of my ability to learn something new each and every single day.

I will also run a second side of my blog directed towards regular blog information such as rating/ play testing/  coverage/ general game news of the most Iconic video games and games I come across. I hope to inform everyone to the best of my ability and to not just “ride the hype” that most game companies cover.

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