WebScraper.js using Cheerio & Request

This web scraper demo will scrape the about me page, by using this and reading the example you too will be able to scrape what ever you want!

To begin download the example folder here: Web Scraper Example Download and make sure you have Node.js

If you need help on running this program for the first time there are example pictures below

Step One:

Download the file preferably to the desktop for easier usage


Step Two:

Unzip to the desktop


Step Three:

Open your Command Prompt or Terminal depending on your computer

Step Four:

If you followed the above steps your folder will be located on the deskop, to open and run you will need to cd (change directory) to the Desktop like so

cd Desktop/

Next change directory to the folder

cd Webscraper/

Then run the node script by typing

node Webscraper.js